Lianja App Builder and App Center running in a web browser

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I'd mentioned earlier that we were researching into using (the free) guacamole client to be able to run Lianja App Builder and the Lianja App Center in a web browser with zero-install of anything being required on the PC clients (runs on iPad and Android tablets too).

We have this working now. It uses a linux server as a proxy and can connect and run Apps from any machine that it is configured to provide access to. This includes Windows, Linux or Mac hosted Apps and Data.

A very nice secure solution for centralized Apps and Data. We are seeing close to near native performance. In fact we are using it across WiFi and seeing instant responses with no noticeable performance degradation.

For IE that does not have an HTML5 implementation you can download and install the google frame plugin (or setup a landing page that does it automatically).

You can see some screen shots running in google chrome with no plugins or anything else needing to be installed to whet your appetite.