Lianja™ Affiliate Program

Would you like to become a Lianja Affiliate and earn up to 50% recurring commission for each referred purchase?

Sign up to become a Lianja Affiliate today!

To support third parties promoting and distributing Lianja products in their local geographical regions we have come up with what we think is a simple and hassle free method for reselling Lianja products. We are pleased to announce the launch of the Lianja™ Affiliate Program.

We take care of the ordering process, product delivery and customer support.

  • No need to store any software on your servers, or keep track of licenses.
  • No hassles related to invoicing or payments from customers.
  • No setup fee, no start up cost, no hidden performance targets to reach!

You will get your commissions every month in your preferred method of payment.


There are 4 Levels of Lianja Affiliate: 

  • Bronze Level - 25% Commission, No Setup Fee, No Annual Fee.
  • Silver Level - 35% Commission , $5,000 Annual Subscription.
  • Gold Level - 40% Commission, $10,000 Annual Subscription.
  • Platinum Level - 50% Commission, $25,000 Annual Subscription.

Silver, Gold and Platinum Affiliate Subscriptions are available for purchase via the Lianja Online Store.


How do I become a Lianja Affiliate?

Lianja software is now available for sale by selected partners through the Avangate affiliate network.

Avangate our E-commerce partner makes it extremely simple for you to begin earning money.

  • Create an account at, and send us a partnership request via the Affiliates Control Panel.
  • Generate Lianja Affiliate hyper links.
  • Start promoting Lianja (write an article on your blog, send e-mail to your lists, post on Facebook or Twitter.)
    You will get access to resources such as banners and content to help you get better results and start making money today.

Lianja Affiliate Program applications are subject to vetting and approval.

How does it work?

Avangate takes care of the ordering process, license delivery and renewals.

After you have signed up to become an Avangate affiliate and your application has been approved, you can log in to the Affiliates Control Panel and select Lianja products and send partnership requests to us. We will then activate you as an affiliate and set your commission percentage. Immediately after you have been activated as an affiliate by Lianja, you can start adding product links on your website. Links are automatically generated with your embedded affiliate ID. All you need to do is copy-paste. When a visitor accesses a link or a banner from your web site, Avangate keeps track of your Affiliate ID, for up to 180 calendar days, so if a visitor places an order within this time period through your web site, or even directly from the vendor's web page, you get your commission.

When do I get paid for my sales?

Avangate will pay the commission to affiliates within 20 days of the end of the month for which the commission is due, by wire transfer or any other agreed means. Notice that a minimum month target of 100 EURO has to be reached, otherwise the value of the commission will be reported for the following month.

How do you pay my commission and in which currencies?

Avangate currently offers three payment methods for sending the commission to its affiliates: By wire transfer. (requires a bank account) By cheque. By PayPal. The currency in which Avangate pays the commission to its affiliates is either US dollars (USD) or EURO.

Are there any restrictions in the way I promote Lianja products?

As a Lianja Affiliate, it is strictly forbidden to:

  • Advertise on the Lianja Development Community forums or place links to sites that offer discounts on Lianja products.
  • Use unsolicited e-mail (known as spam), pop-ups, pop-under, exit pages as well as any other techniques obviously or secretly driving customers to the Avangate platform.
  • Replace, intercept, interfere with, hinder, disrupt or otherwise alter customer's access, fraudulent usage of other affiliate sites, including without limitation any click-through or track-based transaction. Place web links or any marketing support materials in newsgroups, message boards, unsolicited e-mail and other types of spam, banner networks, counters, chat rooms, guest books, and IRC channels or through similar Internet resources.
  • Place links in such manner that may (intentionally or unintentionally) mislead the customers.
  • Make usage of a web link in bad faith or through fraudulent means, including, but not limited to, using any device, program, robot, inline frames, hidden frames, or redirects.
  • Use automatic redirection to the Avangate website or any automatically method for saving a cookie of an affiliate.

Failure to adhere to any of these restrictions will result in the immediate termination of the Lianja Affiliate.

Lianja Affiliate Resources

  • If you would like further information on how the program works please visit the Avangate Affiliate FAQ.
  • For a detailed guide on how to use the Avangate Affiliate Dashboard click here.
  • Lianja Affiliate Graphical Assets and Content (coming soon).