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No matter the size of your organization or App, the Lianja App Builder can help you turn your App ideas into reality -- in record time. Use the comparison table below to identify which edition of Lianja App Builder is the best solution for your App development and deployment needs.

Some of our competitors make bold claims about their products but Lianja is the only full APaaS (Apps Platform As A Service) platform that includes everything you need to build and deploy beautiful database-oriented business Desktop, Web and Mobile Applications with minimum coding, all at a sensible and affordable price. 

The following table compares the currently available editions of the Lianja App Builder.


Lianja App Builder
Standard Edition



Lianja App Builder
Professional Edition



Lianja APaaS
Developer Edition


Lianja App Builder
Rapid Application development (RAD) of beautiful, modern, database-oriented business Applications 
alt alt alt
Windows XP and above
Windows Vista
Windows 7 (32 and 64-bit)
Windows 8 (32 and 64-bit)
Windows 10 (32 and 64-bit) 
alt alt alt
Mac OS X Mavericks and above (64-bit) alt alt alt
Linux (32 and 64-bit) alt alt alt
Embedded high-performance cross-platform 64-bit database with no practical file size limitations alt alt alt
Lightning fast multi-user database  alt alt alt
Ability to store images, documents and other large files in a database alt alt alt
Lianja App Center
A common focal point where published Apps are securely made available to end users based on permissions and roles that they have been granted
alt alt alt
Next generation cross-platform Visual FoxPro compatible scripting language built-in
alt alt alt

One license covers all three platforms; Windows, Mac and Linux

alt alt  

Each license is for ONE developer but it can be activated on up to 3 separate machines for an individual developer's use.

Custom Canvas Builder alt alt alt
Ability to develop custom sections, canvas sections and custom gadgets in any of the supported scripting languages; Lianja/VFP, Python, PHP, JavaScript alt alt alt
Graphical scripting language debugger workspace for the Lianja Visual FoxPro compatible scripting language alt alt alt
Console workspace alt alt alt
Tools and Extensions alt alt alt
Manage users, permission and roles alt alt alt
Transparent CRUD access to external data sources e.g. MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MSSQL Server (and others) using Lianja Virtual Tables   alt alt
Import existing data from MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MSSQL Server or any ODBC data source  alt alt alt
Desktop App packager alt alt alt
App publisher for deploying Apps in the Cloud alt alt alt
Unlimited Desktop App Runtime distribution  alt alt alt
Develop and deploy Desktop Apps alt alt alt
Develop and deploy Web Apps that are beautiful, modern and fast.     alt
MetaData Editor for attaching metadata to databases, tables and columns.     alt
MetaType Editor providing type inheritance (attributes and delegates) to UI elements: Apps, Pages, Sections and/or FormItems.     alt
Develop and build Mobile business Apps that look beautiful and run on Android or iOS.

Seamless integraton with the Adobe PhoneGap Build Service to simplify the building of your mobile Apps in the Cloud. 
Lianja SQL Server
A complete SQL database server and OData server including ODBC driver.

Supports a native JSON data type and JQL, a revolutionary way to perform CRUD operations on JSON data using standard SQL commands.

Development license with 50 local or remote connections.

Lianja Cloud Server
A flexible, high performance, cloud database Apps platform (APaaS) that enables you to deploy and manage data centric Apps in the Cloud on either Linux or Windows.

Embedded high performance in- process database with full support for CRUD operations against external third party databases. No server-side coding needed!

Development license with 50 local or remote connections.

Purchase securely online from the official Lianja web store by credit card, PayPal or bank transfer.



Equivalent to $20.79 per month



Equivalent to $29.13 per month



Equivalent to $41.63 per month

If you have any questions or you need to discuss corporate licensing contact us and we will help you choose the most cost-effective solution.