OEM, System Integration & Consulting Partners

Becoming a Certified Lianja OEM Partner will enable you to re-badge world-class Lianja technology right into your existing products or solutions so you can provide added value to your customers without having to build everything from scratch; accelerate the time to market for new capabilities, and help your business avoid significant development effort and capital expenditure.

In addition, by leveraging Lianja technology you and your customers will be able to extend your existing products and solutions into the new world of Cloud and Mobile right out of the box -- no assembly required. If you require specific enhancements or features added into Lianja so that you can realize the full vision and potential of your company or product line, then we can help you accomplish these goals -- in record time.

As a Certified Lianja OEM Partner, we will provide you with a customizable version of Lianja which will allow you to re-brand Lianja in the following ways so that it integrates seamlessly into your existing products and/or solutions:

  • Specify the product name of your choice so that it appears consistently throughout the product.
  • Customize icons in the main Lianja App Builder window.
  • Specify locale specific messages and other text.  

Alternatively, as a Certified Lianja Systems Integrator or a Certified Lianja Consultant who can provide unique expertise in a particular geographic area, you will be published in the Lianja Solutions and Partners Directory where your capabilities and expertise will be seen by enterprise customers looking for assistance in specific areas relating to their development and deployment of Lianja Apps such as:

  • Hardware configuration and integration for High Availabilibity (HA) Cluster configurations.
  • Load balancing high traffic Cloud and Mobile Apps.
  • Real-time data replication and fault tolerance.
  • Web-site security auditing.
  • Using Lianja with Big Data in the areas of search, sharing, analytics, and data visualization.
  • Application migration.
  • Data migration.
  • Re-modelling and modernization of existing legacy systems.
  • Scaleability engineering. 
If you have any questions about becoming an Certified Lianja OEM Partner, a Certified Lianja Systems Integrator, or a Certified Lianja Consultant do not hesitate to contact us and we will be pleased to discuss these programs with you on a confidential basis.