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Specify the directory search path


SET PATH TO [<path-list>]

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The SET PATH TO <path-list> command specifies the directory search path used to locate a file that is not found in the current directory. Each of the directory names specified in the list should be separated with a ’,’ or a ’;’. Up to 10 different directory paths can be specified. Issuing the SET PATH TO command without a <path-list> removes the current search path if one is present. If no SET PATH TO <path-list> command has been issued, then files will only be searched for in the current directory.

It is important to note that when trying to open a table, a search is made in each directory in the path list in turn, attempting to open the table with read/write access. If the table cannot be opened with read/write access after trying all directories in the search path, the process is then repeated, attempting to open the table for read only access. If read only access is granted, the table is marked as read only and no update operations will be allowed on it. This allows standard operating system file protection to be enforced on tables. The DIR command lists all files in each of the directories specified in the path list.


set path to /home/app/prgs, /home/app/data