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Before you start...

The Lianja App Builder is for developing Apps. The Lianja App Builder installer includes both the Lianja App Builder and the Lianja App Center (desktop client).

If you are distributing the Lianja App Center under the terms of your Lianja App Builder or Lianja APaaS Developer license, remember that the Lianja App Center can be included in your own installer. Download the distribution into your lianja\redist folder and see the template installer in the Deploy Workspace for how to run the Lianja App Center installation silently.

The Lianja App Builder installer also includes a Lianja Server (Lianja Cloud Server and Lianja SQL Server) for development and testing purposes and the Lianja ODBC Driver.


  • Double-click on the downloaded installer to run it.
  • Select the installation language, then click OK.

Lianja App Builder Installation

  • Click Next > to continue.

Lianja App Builder Installation

  • Read the License Agreement, using the scrollbar to display the full text. Click a radio button to accept or reject the License Agreement then click Next >.

Lianja App Builder Installation
If you select I accept the agreement, the installation will continue. If you select I do not accept the agreement, you will be prompted to abort the installation: if you click Yes the installation will stop, if you click No you will be returned to the License Agreement. After accepting the License Agreement, the installation will continue.

  • Select the Installation Directory in the format DRIVE:\lianja, the default Installation Directory is 'C:\lianja'. Then click Next >.

Lianja App Builder Installation
Note: if you have an existing installation in 'C:\Lianja' (uppercase 'L') this will be displayed and will be the valid default To install to an alternative drive, specify the drive letter, but leave the directory as '\lianja', e.g.

  • Select the components you require, then click Next >.

Lianja App Builder Installation

  • Click Next > to begin the installation. If you do not want the installation to begin, click Cancel.

Lianja App Builder Installation

  • Uncheck the box if you do not want to view the Readme File, then click Finish to complete the installation.

Lianja App Builder Installation

Running the Lianja App Builder

Lianja App Builder Shortcut
Double-click the Lianja App Builder desktop shortcut to run the Lianja App Builder.

Running the Lianja App Center

Lianja App Center Shortcut
When you install the Lianja App Builder, the Lianja App Center (desktop client) will also be installed. To run the Lianja App Center, double-click its desktop shortcut. The default username/password for the Lianja App Center is admin/admin.

Managing the Lianja Server

Lianja Server Manager Shortcut
A Lianja Server for development and testing purposes will also be installed. Double-click the Lianja Server Manager desktop shortcut to manage the Lianja Server.

Managing Lianja ODBC Data Sources

Lianja ODBC Manager Shortcut
The Lianja ODBC Driver is also installed. Lianja ODBC data sources can be managed in the Windows 32 bit ODBC Data Source Administrator or using the Lianja ODBC Manager.

Third party ODBC data sources for use from Lianja can be set up in the Windows 32 bit ODBC Data Source Administrator.