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==See Also==
==See Also==
[[App Settings]], [[APPDIR()]], [[DATADIR()]], [[:Category:Deployment|Deployment]], [[Command Line Switches]], [[Lianja#Properties|Lianja System Object Properties]], [[LIBDIR()]], [[SET APPDIR]], [[SET DATADIR]], [[SET LIBDIR]]
[[App Settings]], [[APPDIR()]], [[DATADIR()]], [[:Category:Deployment|Deployment]], [[Command Line Switches]], [[Lianja#Properties|Lianja System Object Properties]], [[LIBDIR()]], [[Page Templates]], [[Section Templates]], [[SET APPDIR]], [[SET DATADIR]], [[SET LIBDIR]]
==Storage location==
==Storage location==

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See Also

App Settings, APPDIR(), DATADIR(), Deployment, Command Line Switches, Lianja System Object Properties, LIBDIR(), Page Templates, Section Templates, SET APPDIR, SET DATADIR, SET LIBDIR

Storage location

Storage location for Data, Apps and Library. If you use Dropbox, OneDrive or GoogleDrive then your development work can be synced between devices automatically (Filesystem | Dropbox | OneDrive | GoogleDrive).

Data directory

The database directory where your databases are located.

Apps directory

The apps directory where your apps are located.

Library directory

The library directory where your libraries are located.

Templates directory

The template directory where your templates are located.

Deployment directory

The deployment directory. This should contain apps, data and library sub-directories. It can be on a network drive to provide shared App and Data access.