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The Lianja App Builder is all about the Rapid Application Development of data-centric business Apps. It has a high performance SQL database engine embedded in it.

It organizes its UI into “workspaces”. The modebar down the left hand side contains a strip of vertical buttons which when clicked causes the UI to switch to that particular workspace. No matter what workspace is selected the modebar is visible allowing you to switch between workspaces with one click.


When developing an App you are working on live data.
At any time during development you can view your App as a Desktop, Web, Tablet or Phone App by clicking one of the "View" icons on the top right of the HeaderBar at the top of the window.

If you are in the Apps workspace and are editing code, switching to another workspace will automatically save your edits and dynamically compile the code then refresh the UI in the Pages workspace for you.

Modebar used to Switch Workspaces


Name Description
Home The Home workspace is where you find your published Apps and links to development operations.
Team The Team workspace is where you download shared Apps from your GitHub team repository. Coming soon.
Projects The Projects workspace is where you create a new Project or open an existing one. You use projects to group together your Apps, Database and Library files.
Apps The Apps workspace is where you create a new App or open an existing one. All scripts that you write that are associated with the App can be edited here in the Script editor.
Data The Data workspace is where you perform database administration operations on your data, browse and modify it and view it in a variety of different data views: Grid, Form and Split View.
Pages The Pages workspace, or Page Builder, is the focal point for building Lianja Apps for Desktop, Web and Mobile devices.
Reports The Reports workspace is where you create reports in the Report Builder. From v5.0.
Library The Library workspace is where you create and/or edit scripts that can be shared across multiple Apps.
Versions The Versions workspace keeps track of all of your modifications to your Apps and scripts and can be used to restore previous versions.
Users The Users workspace is where you control access to your Apps and their visual elements (Pages, Sections, Fields).
Build The Build workspace is where you configure and build PhoneGap Apps in the cloud using the Adobe PhoneGap Build service and Electron App executables.
Deploy The Deploy workspace is where you deploy your App and optionally its database to a runtime directory on your LAN or into the cloud to a remote server.
Forums The Forums workspace contains an embedded browser with the Lianja Developer Community forums. From v5.0.
Doc The Doc workspace contains an embedded browser with the Lianja online documentation. From v5.0.
Console The Console workspace is used by advanced users to perform database administration tasks.
Debug The Debugger Tab contains the Lianja/VFP Debugger.
Settings The App Inspector App Settings Tab contains settings for the current App. If the App Inspector is closed, the App Settings dialog is displayed.
Shortcuts The Shortcuts menu provides a range of handy links to recent Projects, Apps and Files and common operations in the Lianja App Builder.

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