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New features in Lianja v5.2 (coming soon).
New features in Lianja v5.2.
==See Also==
==See Also==

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New features in Lianja v5.2.

See Also

  • Lianja v5 Release Notes
  • Customizing the Login Page for information on how the tenant_config.js file can be used to customize the appearance of the login and App Center pages for branding your Lianja Cloud Server web site.
  • New 'record mark' support for Grid Sections. A 'record mark' column can be displayed as the first column in a Grid Section and can contain {} macros. This column is displayed in place when the Grid Section is scrolled horizontally. See the Show record mark, Record mark expression and Record mark tooltip Grid Section Attributes for more information.
  • New 'record badge count' support for data-bound Sections. This shows the record count for the current bound table as a 'badge' in the section header if the Show record count badge attribute is true.
  • New App security for unauthenticated Apps using the DB_ALLOWUNAUTHENTICATED_APPS and DB_UNAUTHENTICATED_APPS environment variables:
  • New Check for updates App Setting to enable a check for Lianja App Builder updates at startup.
  • New deployment target selector in the ModeBar to streamline Quick Deploy deployment to local and remote servers during development and testing.
  • New support for HTTP/HTTPS upload of packages to Lianja Cloud Server.
  • Section Subtitles now support {} macro expression substitution and HTML formatting in the web/mobile client as well as on desktop.
  • Improved operation of TabViews that contain related sections. Navigating records using the ActionBar buttons navigates the section that has a Search field specified then refreshes any related sections. See the 'Example Related Tabs' (example_reltabs) sample App. You do not need to have the Search field Tab selected to navigate related data (e.g. grid section).
  • Improvements to licensing messages.
  • "Like" and "Sounds Like" have been added to the Search Panel conditions.

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