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This documentation is for an earlier version of the App Inspector. For the version 5 App Inspector see here.

The App Inspector

The App Inspector is your best friend during development as it provides a complete overview of your App.

It is organized into Tabs. Each Tab is relevant to a particular workspace. You can double click a Tab to detach it into its own floating window.

Clicking the small icon on the far right of the App Inspector title bar will detach it into its own floating window.

Double clicking the window title bar when it is floating will attach it back into place.

App Inspector

The Versions Files Tab

The Versions Files Tab contains file lists pertaining to the Versions Workspace. The tab contains four panels:

  • Apps: lists all available Apps
  • App File Versions: lists all backed up file versions for the currently selected App. Whenever you open an App or save it or any of its individual files, backups are saved allowing you to restore a previous version of the App definition (.lianja file) or one of its files (script, css file etc.).
  • Library File Versions: lists all backed up Library file versions. Whenever you save a Library file, a backup is made, allowing you to restore it.
  • Database Backups: lists all database backups. Databases can be backed up and restored from the Data Files Tab or the App Builder MenuBar.

The Library File Versions and Database Backups panels are automatically populated with all their backup files.

To load the backed up file versions for an App, click the App name in the Apps panel:

Versions Files Tab

If backup files for the selected App exist, they will be displayed in the App File Versions panel.

In each of the panels, the files are hierarchically listed by year->month->day->time. Expand the folders to view the available files.

Versions Files Tab

To view or restore an App or Library file, double-click it to open it in the File Viewer in the Versions Workspace. From there it can be viewed and optionally restored using the headerbar toolbutton.

Versions Files Tab

Each panel also includes an actionbar with a Delete icon allowing backup files from the selected 'time' folder to be deleted if they are no longer required.

App Files

Versions Files Tab

Library Files

Versions Files Tab

Database Backup Files

Versions Files Tab

You can also select an individual database backup and delete it.

Versions Files Tab

Dock Tab

To dock the tab back in the App Inspector, click the [x] or double-click the window title bar.

Versions Files Tab

See Also

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