Upload and Install Apps using the Lianja Admin Console

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The Lianja Admin Console Package tab allows you to view, upload, install and delete Lianja Package files containing Lianja Apps, data and any associated files.

The simplest way to do this is to use a Lianja Project to group all your files, then use the Build Project Package quick link to create a package file for upload.

Build Project Package

Make sure your project is open - here the project is demomobapps - then click the Develop button in the ModeBar and select Build Project Package. Click Yes to proceed.

Build Project Package

Upload Package

Open the Lianja Cloud Admin App on your Lianja Cloud Server:

Lianja Cloud Admin Console App

Select the Packages tab and click Upload:

Upload Package Menu Option

Browse the Lianja packages subdirectory for the package you created and drag and drop it in the uploader:

Drag and Drop Package File

Your package will be uploaded:

Package File Uploading

Once uploaded it will be listed in the Packages grid:

Package Uploaded Successfully

Install Package

To install your package, click the checkbox at the end of the row, then click Install:

Install Package Menu Option

Click Yes to confirm the installation:

Install Package

Once installed the status of your package will be updated in the Packages grid :

Install of Package Completed