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Include the following line at the start of your TypeScript (.ts) file:

For App files:

/// <reference path="../../library/Lianja.d.ts" />

For library files:

/// <reference path="Lianja.d.ts"/>
Pro Tip

By referencing the TypeScript definition files for Lianja, if you are using Visual Studio Code for editing .ts files then Visual Studio Code will provide intellisense for Lianja classes.

Manual Compilation

Compile file

With your TypeScript file open in the Script Editor in the Apps Workspace or the Library Workspace, click Compile file to compile the .ts file and create the JavaScript (.js) file that will be run.

Global Variables

TypeScript type checking is great for detecting incorrect property and method usage at compile time but for global variables that are dynamically created it can get in the way and report compile time errors.

To work around the ability to use global variables you can declare them using declare var, e.g.

/// <reference path="../../library/Lianja.d.ts" />

// Lianja custom TypeScript section "page1_section1"
// need to declare variables for type checking
declare var returnvalue: Lianja.Section;
declare var oSection: Lianja.Section;
declare var ocont: Lianja.Container;

// now create the UI hierachy
oSection = createObject("oSection", "section");
ocont.backcolor = "orange";

// need to set returnvalue to the object created
returnvalue = oSection;