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Instant Search allows the user to search the data on the Page based on the active search field (Form Section Field or Canvas Section Advanced Control).

As the user types in the search box an index based search is performed on the search field and the data updated to show the first matching record. The current search and the number of matching records is also displayed at the top of the search field's Section.

Instant Search

Defining the search field

The search field is defined in the Form Section Field or Canvas Section Advanced Control attributes.

Search field

Checking Search field (True) sets that field as the Section's active search field.

  • If the Section already had a search field, the previous search field will be reset.
  • The search field indicator (magnifying glass) will be displayed to the left of the field's caption unless Hide search field indicator is checked (True).
  • On the Desktop client, the records are ordered by the search field.
  • Supported on all clients.

Hide search field indicator

Checking Hide search field indicator (True) prevents the display of the indicator.

  • Hiding the search field indicator is supported on the Desktop client only.

User selectable search field

User selectable search field

Although only one search field can be active, multiple fields can be designated as user selectable search fields. Checking User selectable search field (True) allows the field to be selected as the active search field by clicking on its caption.

  • The search field indicator (magnifying glass) will be displayed to the left of the field's caption when it is clicked, signifying that it is the active search field.
  • Supported on the Desktop client only.

Default search field

When multiple user selectable search fields are specified, a field can have Default search field checked (True) to make it the default search field. When the App is loaded, this field will take precedence over the field with Search field checked and will be the active search field.

  • It has no effect if no field has Search field checked.
  • The records will still be ordered by the field with Search field checked.
  • Supported on the Desktop client only.

Section Attributes

The following Section Attributes also determines Instant Search behavior.

Hide search icon

Hide the search icon at runtime (True | False).

Attribute: Hide search icon

By default, a magnifying glass icon is displayed next to the current section Search field.

With Hide search icon checked, the icon is hidden at runtime.

Note: the icon is still displayed in Development view in the Lianja App Builder.

  • Supported on all clients.

Hide SearchBox

Hide the Page Header Instant Search box when this section is selected in an Accordion Stack (True | False). From v5.4.

  • Supported on all clients.

Page Attributes

The following Page Attributes also determine Instant Search behavior.

Header: Hide search box

If Hide search box is checked (True), the Page Header search box is hidden and Instant Search is not available.

  • Supported on all clients.

Header: Minimum search text length

The Minimum search text length specifies the number of characters that need to be typed in the Page Header search box before the search is made.

  • For example, if the search field in all records starts with the same 3 letter prefix, specify the Minimum search text length as 4 to start the search when 4 characters have been entered.
  • The default Minimum search text length is 1.
  • Supported on the Desktop client only. On the Web/Mobile client, the search starts from the first character entered.

Custom Delegates: Instant Search

The Page Instant Search custom delegate is called each time a printable character is typed in the search box.

  • The current search box value is passed to the delegate as a parameter.
  • On the Desktop client, if Minimum search text length is greater than 1, the custom delegate is called after the specified number of characters has been typed.
  • Supported on all clients.
  • From v6.3 the delegate is also supported by WebViewWidgets - WebView based sections - such as the CatalogView section.

Left Sidebar: Show Recent Items

If the Page has an active search field and Show Recent Items is checked (True), a record's search field value will be added to the 'Recently Viewed' and 'Recently Modified' Left Sidebar lists when it is read or updated respectively.

  • These lists are not updated if there is no active search field.
  • The Recently viewed items and Recently modified items Page attributes determine how many items are listed.
  • Supported on all clients.