Getting Started Part 4

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Deploying and Testing your App locally


Before deploying your App for the desktop runtime client, it needs to be 'published'.

App Settings: Published

Note that if the App Inspector is closed, click Settings in the Modebar to open the App Settings.

App Settings: Published

Once an App is published, its tile will appear in the Home workspace App Center.

For information on configuring the App's tile see Lianja App Center Tiles.

Quick Deploy

To deploy for the desktop runtime, click the Quick Deploy toolbutton in the headerbar.

Click Setup. This will take you to the Deploy workspace to setup the files you want to deploy.

This is done once, then you can deploy using the current settings multiple times.

Quick Deploy

In the Deploy workspace, click the arrow to the left of Apps then scroll down and click the checkbox next to myapp.

Deploy Workspace

Reselect Pages from the Modebar and click Quick Deploy again. The Preview button allows you to view the files that will be deployed.

Quick Deploy: Preview

Then click Commit to deploy the files.

Quick Deploy: Commit

Click Close once the deployment has completed.

Quick Deploy: Deployment Completed

Lianja App Center

Now, double-click on the Lianja App Center shortcut on your desktop - this is the desktop runtime client.

Enter the default Username admin and the default Password admin.

Then click Login.

Log into Desktop Client App Center

You should now see your App's tile, just click the tile to run the App. If you do not see the tile, go back and check that you have published and deployed the App.

Open App in App Center

Now you can view and test your App running in the desktop client.

Running App in App Center

Deploying and running Web Apps

To deploy a web App, click on the Preview live in browser toolbutton in the Headerbar to open your App in your default browser. Log in to the web client Lianja App Center using the default Username admin and the default Password admin and clicking the reCAPTCHA.

Preview live in browser

Click your App's tile to run the App.

Preview live in browser

Now you can view and test your App running in the web client.

Preview live in browser