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App Settings, Deployment

App Doc

App Doc file. This html file will be included at the beginning of the App Doc when it is generated.

Build mode

The type of build for Web/Mobile Apps. Use Debug when testing and Release when deploying (Debug | Release).


App is published in the App Center (True | False). Before deploying an App to the local machine for testing or to a remote machine for production use, the Published setting must be checked (True).

Use wizards/builders

Use wizards/builders during development (True | False). If True, creating a new Page from the Form Tools starts the Page Wizard and creating a new Section from the Form Tools starts the Section Wizard.

  • Note: the App Wizard is always started when creating a new App.

Check for updates

Check for Lianja App Builder updates at startup. (From v5.2).

Event tracking

Trace App events in Web/Mobile Apps. This is only effective in Debug mode.

Open the Console in the browser (Chrome/FireFox: Ctrl-shift-i, IE/Edge: F12, Safari: Command-Option-C) to view which delegates and operations are being called.

Turn Password on

Enter password when starting Lianja (True | False).


Password value.

Confirm Password

Confirm password value.

Restore previous session on startup

Restore the previous session on startup. If checked, then the last App and editor files are reopened (True | False).

Login required

Authentication required to run App (True | False).

Enable guest access

Enable this App to be run as a guest without App Center login (True | False).

Timelines Enabled

Enable database timelines for sections that have timelines enabled (True | False).

Ask Before Deleting

Ask before deleting a record (True | False).

Add Form Section

Always add a form section when creating a new blank page (True | False).

Table information

Query for Table information in the data trees when an App is opened or a database is opened in the Data workspace (True | False).

Deferred load

When this is checked all pages will be loaded with data only when they are first activated (speeds up App load time) (True | False).

Help provider homepage URL

Context sensitive help provider URL to use when editing.

Help provider search URL

Context sensitive help provider search URL to use when editing. Use {keyword} for item to search for.