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Note: property, method and event names should be referred to in lowercase in case-sensitive scripting languages.

More detailed documentation can be found here.


This class supports the Common Properties plus the following:

Property Access (R/RW) Value Description
Caption RW Character Object's caption
CaptionBackColor RW Character Object's caption background color
CaptionForeColor RW Character Object's caption foreground color
DataBackColor RW Character Object's data background color
DataForeColor RW Character Object's data foreground color
Id R Character Object's id
PageId R Character Object's parent Page id
SectionId R Character Object's parent Section id
State R Character Comma separated list of UI States that the Object handles.
UIState R Character The last UI State applied to the Object.

UI control specific attributes are documented separately. See Framework Classes for details.


This class supports the Common Methods plus the following:

Method Args Description
ApplyMetaData None Apply MetaData for the Object.
Evaluate Character string containing a JavaScript expression Evaluate the specified JavaScript expression inside a webview gadget.


This class supports the Common Events plus the following:

Event Args Description