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Form Section Attributes


Enhanced "Form" section layout to provide a more compelling UI for Desktop/Web/Mobile Apps using NoCode. The "Form" section can now be defined as having a "FormGrid layout" in the section attributes. When FormItems (Fields, Gadgets and/or Components) are added to a "FormGrid" section, you can specify the cell row/col position within the FormGrid, the number of rows and columns that the cell should occupy and (optionally) a fixed width and height for the cell. The layout engine will then lay the form out adhering to these specifications. With this in place, you can adjust the font and appearance (colors etc) of each individual cell.

Section Attributes


FormGrid layout

Layout FormItems (Fields and Gadgets) using a FormGrid.

Number of rows

The default number of rows in the FormGrid.

Number of columns

The default number of columns in the FormGrid.


The FormGrid can scroll formitems into view.

Apply cell attributes

Apply cell attributes to formitems.

FormGrid Cells

Cell alignment

All cells will be aligned in the FormGrid.

Minimum width

The FormGrid cell minimum width.

Minimum height

The FormGrid cell minimum height.

Top margin

The FormGrid cell top margin.

Left margin

The FormGrid cell left margin.

Bottom margin

The FormGrid cell bottom margin.

Right margin

The FormGrid cell right margin.

Background color

The cell background color.

Caption background color

The cell caption background color.

Caption foreground color

The cell caption foreground color.

Caption font size

The cell caption font size.

Data background color

The cell data background color.

Data foreground color

The cell data foreground color.

Data font size

The cell data font size.

Caption alignment

The cell caption alignment.

Data alignment

The cell data alignment.

Formitem Attributes

FormGrid Cell