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Example Python report from WebView Section and WebView Gadget guide.

See Also

Developing Custom WebViews in Python


# Lianja Custom Python WebView
import Lianja
import time
# The output of the "print" command will be redirected into the WebView.
print "<html>"
print "<head>"
print "<style>"
print ".tablecaption { background: gray; font-weight: bold; color: white; \
  height:26px; }"
print ".smallfont { font-size:small; }"
print "body { padding: 0px; margin: 0px; border: 1px solid lightgray; \
  border-top: 1px solid white;}"
print "</style>"
print "</head>"
print "<body>"
# open a database
db = Lianja.openDatabase("southwind") 
# open a recordset
rs = db.openRecordSet("select * from example")
# main table
print "<table cellpadding=\"5\">"
print "<caption class=\"tablecaption\">Example Python Report</caption>"
# column headings
print "<tr bgcolor=\"lightgray\" class=\"smallfont\">"
for j in range( rs.fcount() ):
	print "<th><font color=\"white\">" + rs.fields(j).name + "</font></th>"
print "</tr>"
# Traverse the recordset and write the output into the Webview section.
for i in range( rs.reccount() ):
	if ((i%2) == 0):
		rowcolor = "#f1f6fe"
		altcolor = "#FFFFFF"
		rowcolor = "#FFFFFF"       	
		altcolor = "#f1f6fe"
 	print "<tr bgcolor=\"" + rowcolor + "\" color=\"darkgray\" class=\"smallfont\" valign=top>"
	for j in range( rs.fcount() ):
		if rs.fields(j).name in [ "LIMIT", "BALANCE", "AVAILABLE" ]:
			print "<td align=right>$%.2f</td>" % rs.fields(j).value
			print "<td>%s</td>" % rs.fields(j).value
	print "</tr>"
# end of table
print "</table>"
# Close the RecordSet	
# End of report
print "<hr>Report complete at <b>" + time.asctime() + "</b>" 
# Close off HTML tags
print "</body>"
print "</html>"