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This documentation is for an earlier version of the App Inspector.

The Events Tab has been replaced by the Performance Metric Tab in the Troubleshooter. For the version 5 App Inspector see here.

The App Inspector

The App Inspector is your best friend during development as it provides a complete overview of your App.

It is organized into Tabs. Each Tab is relevant to a particular workspace. You can double click a Tab to detach it into its own floating window.

Clicking the small icon on the far right of the App Inspector title bar will detach it into its own floating window.

Double clicking the window title bar when it is floating will attach it back into place.

App Inspector

The Events Tab

The Events Tab contains event tracing for runtime code. Detach the tab if you want to use it in Desktop App View to be able to see how events are fired and handled in your code in runtime mode.

Execution time for each event is also displayed making this an invaluable tool for performance tuning in your App.

Events Tab

Dock Tab

To dock the tab back in the App Inspector, click the [x] or double-click the window title bar.

Events Tab

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