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Electron Apps

With Electron you can package up a Lianja Web App into an executable for Windows, MacOS or Linux. You build Electron executables in the Electron workspace.

See Electron Build for full details.

Progressive Web Apps

From Lianja v5.4, the Lianja Login, Lianja App Center (and individual guest Apps) can be installed as icons on the home screen of desktops, phones and tablets.

This provides the ability to run Lianja Apps from mobile devices without the need to submit to an App Store.

The App Center and Lianja Apps can be displayed full screen on these mobile devices and appear just like native mobile Apps without the deployment and distribution headaches.

See Progressive Web Apps for full details.

PhoneGap Apps

Adobe discontinued the PhoneGap Build service on October 1, 2020. PhoneGap Build of Lianja Apps was deprecated in Lianja v5.4.

Instead, the Build Workspace provides the ability to configure Apps as Progressive Web Apps (PWA).


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