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Generate App Doc - lianjademo

The Generate App Doc... menu item from the App Builder MenuBar automatically generates documentation for the current App. The documentation can be viewed and also printed or saved to PDF from the Print button.

Each time the App Doc is generated, it is also versioned as a text file and can be viewed and compared with earlier/later versions in the Versions Workspace.


The Table of contents displays the App hierarchy, starting with the App Settings:

Settings Description
Summary Key settings for the App
Locale Locale configuration settings
App Center App Center tile and runtime settings
General Configuration General App configuration settings
Code Libraries The custom code libraries for the App. This includes links to open the selected library in the Script Editor.
Delegates Event delegate settings
Permissions and Roles Permission and role settings
UI Presentation Rules UI Presentation Rules settings for the App's target client platforms

It then displays the Page count and for each Page, its Section count, its Sections and the Sections' Formitems along with the populated attributes and values for each of these UI elements.

The links in the Table of contents and the Contents, Back and Forward buttons can be used to quickly navigate the documentation.

Customizable Content

The App Doc App Setting and App Doc attribute for Pages, Sections, Gadgets, Form Section Fields and Canvas Section Advanced Controls allow the developer to include customized HTML content in the generated App Doc.

Clicking the [...] button automatically creates an empty HTML file, populates the App Doc attribute with the name of the file and opens the file in the built-in HTML editor.

Customized App Doc

The content of the HTML file is displayed in the About panel at the top of the information about the App or UI element as in the About this App example above.

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