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Define a User Defined Command (UDC)


ALIAS [<expC> [<command>]]

See Also

Script Editor: Command Abbreviations


The ALIAS command allows for the definition of User Defined Commands (UDCs). The <expC> is the name to call the user-defined command. The ALIAS <expC> without a subsequent <command> statement removes that UDC. The <command> character expression can contain multiple Lianja/VFP commands, each separated with a ';'. Up to nine parameters may be substituted by preceding the parameter number with a '%' character, e.g. %1 %2 etc. Parameter %0 matches the complete line following the command name.

Note: for information on database table aliases, see the USE ... ALIAS ... command and the ALIAS() function. For the use of UI Element Alias Names, see UI Presentation Rules:Using UI Element Alias Names.


alias lo "list off"
// typing lo will run: list off 
alias lor "list off for region = [%1]"
// typing lor "west"  will run: list off for region = [west]