Lianja for JavaScript Developers

If you are a JavaScript developer and you want to create great looking database Apps then you will feel right at home with Lianja.

There is no need to learn a new language -- Lianja has JavaScript embedded inside it as well as LianjaScript, Python and PHP. Yes, that's right, all these scripting languages are embedded inside Lianja and they are all fully integrated so that code can be written in any of these scripting languages.

Lianja takes a radically different view of app development providing a high level of abstraction for visually designing, developing and deploying multi-client-device business apps on whatever operating system you choose; Windows, Mac OS X, Linux x86 and Linux x64.

When we set out to develop Lianja we made a conscious decision to architect and build a product that embraced dynamic scripting languages, hence the support for Visual FoxPro scripting, PHP, Python and JavaScript.

Lianja is also cross-platform; Windows, Mac, Linux (and others), and it allows you to build data-centric apps that can connect to any data source; MSSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle (and others), but also very importantly it enables both professional developers and domain-experts (people who know everything about their business but are not programmers) to be able to build compelling Desktop, Web and Mobile Apps. 

Lianja has a feature complete set of UI classes so you can build modern looking Apps. All of the UI classes can be skinned with CSS to improve their visual appearance without having to hard code this in.

The database engine in Lianja is full 64-bit with huge file support with no practical restriction on the size of database tables.

One of  the unique features of Lianja is that it has a complete cross-platform web browser component built-in (based on Webkit) as well as a built-in JavaScript server page processing engine. Server pages can be written in JavaScript and embedded into your Lianja Apps (.jssp files). There is no need to install or configure anything to obtain this functionality.

Building database Apps in Lianja using JavaScript is simple and straightforward. We truly believe there is no faster way to build Apps than with Lianja. With its unique meta-framework JavaScript developers can build compelling Desktop, Web and Mobile business Apps using the Lianja App Builder with minimum coding being required. 

Lianja Cloud Server provides complete support for building end-to-end Business Apps in JavaScript. Lianja Cloud Server embeds the Google developed V8 JavaScript engine to provide built-in support for JavaScript Server Pages (.jssp pages) which offer similar functionality to PHP server side pages. There is no faster way for JavaScript developers to build stunning database Apps in the language they already know and love. For an introduction to JavaScript Server Pages read the Introduction to Lianja Cloud Server article.

Additionally, Lianja also has a complete database server -- Lianja SQL Server -- that runs on Windows and Linux. Lianja SQL Server is a true database server just like MySQL or MSSQL -- the big difference being that you can write stored procedures and triggers all in Visual FoxPro.

The Lianja SQL Server is built into the Lianja Cloud Server with complete JavaScript integration.

If you want to know more about Lianja without having to spend a lot of time browsing around the website read the FAQ or take a look at The Lianja Overview.

Lianja App Builder is a Visual development environment with a lot of features and functionality to minimize coding. Rather than jump straight into coding in LianjaScript/VFP it is important to understand what is built-in to Lianja.

Visual Development in Lianja

Understanding the Lianja application architecture

Creating a database and it's tables

Creating an App

Creating a page

Costomizing page appearance

Customizing section appearance

Customizing attributes

Using the App Inspector

Using the Query Builder

Using the Query Picker

Split grid editing. Grid, form, editors, images

Creating reports

User roles and permissions

Adding contextual help

Understanding UI presentation rules

Row level security (RLS)

Dynamic data masks (DDM)

Live preview

Hot backup and restore

Database timelines

Working with metadata

Working with metatypes

Working with UI Page libraries

Working with Visual Components

Understanding UI Navigation

Custom delegates

Event sequences

Working with the Lianja Object Model (LOM)

Understanding showDocument()

Canvas designer

Data binding

Data validation


Understanding macros

Understanding UI layouts

Dynamic compilation

Dialog panels

Using WebViewWidgets

Working with third party data sources using Virtual Tables

Data mapping

JavaScript Developer QuickStart in Lianja

Developing custom sections in JavaScript

Developing custom gadgets in JavaScript

Using the Lianja Framework classes in JavaScript

JavaScript Built-in LianjaScript/VFP functions

Developing JavaScript Server Pages

Working with data in JavaScript

Calling JavaScript scripts from LianjaScript

Debugging JavaScript using the troubleshooter

Calling server-side JavaScript functions from client-side javascript in WebApps

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