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Lianja App Builder 4.2.0 for Windows

Installer includes:
Lianja App Builder development IDE
Lianja App Center desktop runtime client
Lianja Server Manager
Lianja Cloud Server
Lianja SQL Server
Lianja ODBC Driver
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File Size 423.21 MB
Date Added 20-Jun-2018 00:00
License Lianja License
File Version 4.2.0


This software requires a Lianja v4 License Key. If this is your first Lianja evaluation, this software will run as a 30 day trial.

Double-click the downloaded file and follow the on-screen prompts to install.

Detailed Installation Instructions (Opens in a new Window)

After installation, double-click the Lianja App Builder desktop shortcut to run the Lianja App Builder:


When you install the Lianja App Builder, the Lianja App Center (desktop client for deployed Apps) will also be installed.

The default username/password for the Lianja App Center is admin/admin.

To run the Lianja App Center, double-click its desktop shortcut:


Note: To include the Lianja App Center in installers when you deploy your Apps to client machines, download the Lianja App Center distribution and place the distribution file in your lianja\redist folder.

Double-click the Lianja Server Manager desktop shortcut to manage the Lianja Cloud and SQL Servers:


Double-click the Lianja ODBC Manager desktop shortcut to create and configure Lianja ODBC Data Sources (DSNs):


Operating Systems supported

Windows XP (no Electron support)
Windows Vista (no Electron support)
Windows 7 or above (32 or 64 bit)

Special Note

The installer has a .exe extension. Make sure your browser is not preventing the download of files with this extension.

To be able to download any Lianja products from the Lianja website you will need to create an account first by clicking here. After you complete the account registration you will be emailed a link which you must click in order to activate your account on lianja.com. If you do not receive this activation email be sure to check your spam folder as it may have been caught by your email spam filter.