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Lianja App Builder 5.2.0 for Linux

Installer includes:
Lianja App Builder development IDE
Lianja App Center desktop runtime client
Lianja Server Manager
Lianja Cloud Server
Lianja SQL Server
Lianja ODBC Driver
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File Size 685.65 MB
Date Added 15-Jan-2020 00:00
License Lianja License
File Version 5.2.0


This software requires a Lianja v5 License Key. If this is your first Lianja evaluation, this software will run as a 30 day trial.

The Lianja App Builder installer includes the Lianja App Builder, Lianja App Center (desktop client), Lianja Server (Lianja Cloud Server and Lianja SQL Server for development and testing) and Lianja ODBC Driver.


Open up a Terminal window. (e.g. on Ubuntu right click on the desktop and select 'Open Terminal').

$ cd
$ cd Downloads
$ tar xvf LianjaAppBuilder-5.2-linux-x64-installer.tar.gz
$ chmod +x LianjaAppBuilder-5.2-linux-x64-installer.bin
$ sudo ./LianjaAppBuilder*.bin

Now logout.

Now login again so that the new PATH is used.

RHEL / Centos 8.x

The required libnsl package is no longer provided in the OS glibc package, so should be installed separately.

$ sudo yum install libnsl

Detailed Installation Instructions (Opens in a new Window)


For development and testing the Lianja App Builder installer includes Lianja Server.




$ sudo apt-get install unixodbc


$ yum install unixODBC

Now init the ODBC definitions for Lianja. This will define the Lianja ODBC driver in /etc/odbcinst.ini and the lianja_southwind DSN in /etc/odbc.ini.

$ cd /opt/lianja/server/dist
$ ./postinstall.sh /opt/lianja/server odbc

Setting up ODBC data sources non-GUI.

See http://www.unixodbc.org/odbcinst.html


Now you are ready to develop, Test, Deploy and Share Desktop, Web and Mobile Apps using Lianja App Builder.


To start Lianja double click on the “Lianja App Builder” desktop icon
To start Lianja from a terminal type:

$ lianja

To admin the Lianja server from a terminal:

$ sudo lianja-admin status
$ sudo lianja-admin start
$ sudo lianja-admin stop
$ sudo lianja-admin restart

To handle licensing from a terminal:

$ sudo lianja-lm —validate
$ sudo lianja-lm —activate LianjaAppBuilder your-license-key

To start the Lianja App Center (desktop client) double click on the “Lianja App Center” desktop icon
To start Lianja from a terminal type:

$ lianjaruntime

The default username/password for the Lianja App Center is admin/admin.

Operating Systems supported (64 bit only)

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2 and above
Centos 7.2 and above
Ubuntu 18.04 and above
Debian 10 and above

It should also install on many other Linux 64 bit distros (minimum glibc 2.14).

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