Modernize Legacy Applications

Build beautiful modern cloud and Mobile Apps today using your Visual FoxPro knowledge.

Current technology focuses around web enabled laptops, tablets and smart phones using cloud powered technologies.

Many Visual FoxPro developers are still trying to figure out how to adapt to this new paradigm.

Some of them have the time and resources to redevelop from scratch.

Others, with limited budgets, are adapting by integrating smart phones, tablets, and other cloud technologies using tools and technologies that they struggle to understand and support effectively.

Many products that allow you to leverage your Visual FoxPro skills to build Web Apps rely on the Visual FoxPro runtime which Microsoft no longer sells or supports.

If you are using any of these technologies that's a short term solution that may eventually blow up in your face. 

What would your customers and stakeholders think if they knew that the product you are selling is written using a product that Microsoft no longer sells or supports?

What would your competitors say to your customers about this? Can you afford to give them this leverage?

There are a wide choice of technologies that encourage Visual FoxPro developers to start again from scratch, throw away all their existing knowledge, and learn a new language with non data-centric tools and technologies.

This reboot of everything you know can result in partial or total project failure and cost overruns that for small to medium sized companies can be fatal.

With Lianja, Visual FoxPro developers are able to satisfy customer and end user requirements for modern Web and Mobile UIs by leveraging their existing knowledge and building on this.

Break free from your desktop shackles and Journey into the cloud with Lianja.