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Thread: How is this different from Wavemaker, Servoy..

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    How is this different from Wavemaker, Servoy..

    Are you going to sell this for a subscription?
    What is going to be the cost? Deployment on Webserver? Do need a Java server?
    I'm a VFP developer for over 25 years building custom applications. Sorry to see VFP go.. But concentrating on PHP, Sencha, Jquery currently .. Most customers want it to run the app on a shared server like GoDaddy and Mysql..But others are willing to invest in a monthly subscription. Just would like to know how is your product fit into the current web technology?
    Found you on Universal Thread since I visit their for VFP stuff..

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    If you look at the roadmap you will see that we will be releasing a Web Client. This will run the Apps you build in the App Builder on the web against out Lianja Cloud Server which can be installed in the cloud.

    The product consists of four main pillars:
    - The Lianja App Builder
    - The Lianja SQL Server
    - The Lianja Cloud Server
    - The Lianja App Center

    You build Apps visually using the App Builder and run then on the desktop, in a web browser or on a mobile device. It hides all the complexity of having to write in Sencha or use Jquery as it has a high level of abstraction focused on building data-centric Apps just as you would do on the desktop in a product such as VFP.

    There is a native VFP-compatible engine built in which you can use in exactly the same way that you write in PHP.
    Currently we support Recital, Visual FoxPRO, Python, PHP and JavaScript.

    The Lianja Cloud Server runs as a tomcat servlet container with apache or IIS. When this is available its a simple install.
    FYI we have the Web Client and the Lianja Cloud Server almost complete but have not released them as part of the beta.

    If you know VFP then you already have knowledge that you can use in Lianja. Unlike Servoy, Lianja runs the VFP code natively.
    Pricing will be available when the product is in final release.
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