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Thread: Lianja 9.5.19 pre-release

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    Lianja 9.5.19 pre-release

    I have uploaded 9.5.18 pre-release into the beta directories for those with premium support and others who have access to this.

    • New AI powered conversational help.
    • New build a Standalone App installer for any App with one click.
    • Improved Faster syntax highlighting in the Script Editor and the Debugger.
    • Improved Faster intellisense and code completion in the Script Editor with updated intellisence definitions.
    • New SignatureView Section for signature capture in your Web/Mobile Apps. See example_signatureview example App.
    • Improved CalendarView section. See form2 example App.
      - List agenda
      - Attach event notes
      - UI layout improvements
      - Filter by eventresource, eventtype, month and year
    • Improved "Show file in explorer" now works on Linux. (Right click context menu in a file selection tree).
    • Improved image gadgets now layout correctly if "Maintain aspect ratio" is specified in Desktop/Web/Mobile Apps.
    • Improved "Form" UI code generation.
    • Improved Lianja Web Framework UI layout.
    • Improved layout of Canvas sections. This is almost pixel perfect in Web/Mobile now.
    • Improved scrolling of grids and calendar on phones. Prevent annoying bounce scrolling on iOS.
    • Improved more responsive UI layout on phones. Page headers auto adjust caption alignment on changes of phone orientation (portrait v landscape).
    • Improved added/exposed some new Lianja/KVS (Key-Value Store) functions:
      - kvs_closeall()
      - kvs_isvalid()
      - kvs_update()
      See documentation at
    • Critical fixed a buffer overflow issue with Python .pysp pages. This was not crashing as internally smart memory allocation is used to detect buffer overflows.
    • Critical fixed a caching issue with Lianja/KVS on linux (Windows/MacOs not affected).
    • Improved Build standalone Apps that can be installed on a target machine without the Lianja runtime.
    • New added support for the VFP FORMSET class. This can be used with LianjaScript, Python and/or JavaScript in desktop Apps.
    • Improved faster and greatly improved intellisense for LianjaScript
    • Improved standalone forms with a variety of new methods and properties.
      - new property form.requireslogin = 1
      - new method form.login()
      - new method form.logout()
      - new property form.parameters = "key1=value1;key2=value2...". Use this to customize the login panel of the form. See example_timeclock for details.
      - new method form.getParameter("key" [,cDefault]) as character
      - new event afterlogin(cUsername). This called after login. you can get the username() and hide/show UI controls on the form in this event.
      - New method debug(). Shows a debugger window alongside the form in standalone Apps. You can interact with the App as it is running. debugout commands are displayed in the debugger output panel. Use thisform.suspend() to suspend execution in your events and inspect variables using ? varname in the input panel. Click the run button to resume execution.
      - New methods suspend(), resume(), cancel() to handle debugging in standalone Apps.
      - New method debugout( cExpr ). Writes text to the debugger window in standalone Apps.
    • New Lianja system object methods
      - Lianja.showsplashscreenmessage( cText ). If an App is loading you can provide feedback to the user as to the progress of loading using this method.
      - Lianja.debug(). Shows the runtime debugger in standalone Apps.
      - Lianja.suspend(). Suspends execution and enters the debugger in standalone Apps.
      - Lianja.resume(). Resumes execution in standalone Apps.
      - Lianja.cancel(). Cancels execution in standalone Apps.
      - Lianja.getParameter( cKey, cDefault ). Gets a parameter from the app.config file.
      - Lianja.debugout( cExp ). Writes to the standalone application debugger output panel.
    • Various UI improvements in the App Builder.
    • Bug fixes and performance improvements
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