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Thread: Lianja 9.3.2 pre-release

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    Lianja 9.3.2 pre-release

    I have uploaded 9.3.2 pre-release into the beta directories for those with premium support and others who have access to this.

    Lianja 9.3.2

    • Improved Two-way LianjaScript and Python integration as described in this blog article.
    • Improved "ArticleView" section with user selectable Articles and data merging. See the example_datamerge App included in the distribution.
    • New added the function ado_providerlist() which returns a comma separated list of OLEDB providers.
    • New added the ability to merge data in “ArticleView” sections. When editing the article use {macros} that will be substituted when the article is displayed. This provides the ability to display dynamic documents and perform mail or print merging. Combine multiple documents using {insertfile:filename} macros. To enable an "ArticleView" section for data merging enable the "Merge Data" attribute in the Assistant or the App Inspector.
    • New added a new attribute “file” to “articleview” sections which can be changed programmatically in desktop and web apps.
    • New added a new attribute “Selectable” to “articleview” sections which displays an Article selection tree in desktop and web apps. Clicking an article displays it in the ArticleView section. Any {macros} are substituted.
    • New added "New Article..." to the right-click context menu in the library workspace.
    • New added "Article files" to the library files tree. Right-click on this and select "New..." or "New Article..." to create a new HTML article which can be loaded into an ArticleView section.
    • New added "Articles" to the "Deploy" workspace to enable deployment of HTML formatted articles.
    • New added saveAsPdf( cFilename ) to Webview section methods.
    • Improved the execPython() built-in LianjaScript function now handles referencing python libraries that may be contained within an App or in the libraries. This provides the ability to wrap Python packages and call them directly from LianjaScript.
    • Minor UI improvements.
    • Bug fixes and performance improvements
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