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Thread: Grid Creation without Data Source

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    Grid Creation without Data Source

    I have been researching the best ways to integrate a grid on a form.

    I have a CURSOR from a SQLCONNECT() and SQLEXEC() that I have successfully implemented in the Init() of the page, however I do not know the best way to go about creating the grid based on the cursor it creates. (I assume it is a cursor? I do not see a data session window anywhere )

    In VFP forms, I used a temp cursor to create a grid (using grid builder), and specified each column controlsource from that temp cursor.

    In VFP forms, I created (via CREATE CURSOR) or queried the data into a CURSOR needed for the grid in the "BeforeOpenTables" procedure to make the data available when the form loaded.

    It seems like this needs to be accomplished via Virtual Tables in Lianja, but I have to do some backend manipulation of the data in the cursor after the cursor is created and as data is updated in MSSQL.

    Also, I need to access an .ini for the connection string information for SQLCONNECT() across seperate MSSQL databases, so I am unsure if a VT will work for these situations.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.
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