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Thread: Lianja 6.4 KVS for Python and LianjaScript

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    Lianja 6.4 KVS for Python and LianjaScript

    As some of you may be aware I've been doing a lot of work on KVS in 6.4.

    I've added some new functions that provide the ability to kvs_loadFromFile() and kvs_saveToFile() key/value pairs.

    When loading a KVS from an external text file the file should contain lines like this:


    The "value" may be JSON in which case the encoded JSON object/array or array of arrays of objects is stored in the KVS.

    If the “key” is missing each line is just a JSON encoded object value, then the values are added to the KVS with numeric keys incrementally.

    Each JSON encoded object can then be retrieved by its ordinal position or its key if one was provided.

    obj = kvs_get(kvsid, nPosition)

    Lianja 6.4 also has built-in KVS support for Python as I had already mentioned.

    I will be extending odata in Lianja Cloud Server that let's you work directory with a KVS; storing and retrieving JSON objects. This will provide full CRUD using odata calls.

    And by the way... it's pretty fast!

    Click image for larger version. 

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