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Thread: object's properties, methods

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    Hi Hank,
    as you can see, my question is not about the UI Framework and not about how the amembers() function works. I asked in Lianja how to find out what methods an object has?
    There may be an answer to this question in the doc but I didn't find it, so I'm asking here. If there is no answer in the doc either, the answer is that this is not possible.

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    Hi Strato,

    From the doc I linked: "Function to load the properties of an object into an array".

    From the VFP helpfile on amembers: "
    Places the names of properties, procedures, and member objects for an object into a variable array."

    Lianja's amembers() does load the properties, as the Doc states. You want it to behave like VFP amembers(). If you can make the case with regard to that enhancement, file an ER.




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