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Thread: WYSIWYG Editor and RSP Pages

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    WYSIWYG Editor and RSP Pages

    Hello All

    Reading old thread here:

    Has there been any further developments with editing RSP pages with visually looking at HTML layouts?
    As (my simple understanding) RSP pages driving Lianja Web can be a combination of VFP/JS/HTML/CSS so what do we use to layout the page as we go.

    Of course this would be only applicable to digging into LIB files say if you were to customize Login.RSP.
    If the method is still the same can someone point me in the direction of the Tips to linking in a editor?
    Also any suggestion of editors that do not require Cloud membership

    Thanks Paul

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    Hi Paul

    have a look at the web editor WebViewWidget.

    You could also use visual studio code with the html editor plugin and associate that with rsp pages.

    See this thread on Stack Overflow which explains how to associate .rsp files with the html editor in visual studio code.

    When using an external editor in Lianja specify rsp files to be edited externally. When you save the rsp file any section that has it as it’s data source will be refreshed as Lianja watches for file changes.
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