Lianja 6.3 will be the next general release expected in November.

I have uploaded Lianja 6.3RC22 for Windows for those of you who have access to pre-release versions.

This is pre-release software so it should not be used in production.

Changes since 6.2.1...

  1. Introducing a new Table Designer as described here.
  2. Added "Search bar" into the App Center.
  3. When browsing VFP Virtual Tables ( BROWSE, Lianja.showPickList() or Grid ) using OLEDB the queries are now performed case insensitive. This enables the use of the "Query Builder" and the "Search Bar" on native VFP data without any custom code needed.
  4. Further performance improvements with Virtual Tables. For best performance specify pagination=1 in the VT properties.
  5. Productivity improvements as described here.
    - Convert a page to a Tabview
    - Convert a multi-column Form section to a TabView.
  6. Further Lianja Web Framework UI refinements.
  7. The Lianja Apache module on Linux has been optimized resulting in a performance boost.
  8. Added {andwhere} special macro in Virtual Table definitions as described here.
  9. "Local" Virtual Table performance boost.
  10. Lianja SQL performance boost.
  11. Adjusted Lianja Web Framework to be more touch friendly.
  12. Added better support for dynamically loadable LianjaScript modules as described here.
  13. Added the "Search bar" to the data workspace grids.
  14. Added compatability support for the VFP ATAGINFO() function.
  15. Added compatability support for the VFP STRCONV(cExp, 13) and STRCONV(cExp, 14) functions to encode and decode base64.
  16. Added a new command line --config switch for desktop App configuration. The config file is a text file with one line for each argument. You do not need to put quotation marks around the arguments.

    --config z:\appconfig.txt

    where appconfig.txt contains command line switches


    my lovely app
  17. Improved canvas designer with pixel perfect UI layout when generating code for Web Apps.
  18. Improved Query Builder support for Virtual Tables with major performance improvement.
  19. Added Lianja.showPickList(). See this article for details.
  20. Added a new "Search bar" to grid sections to simplify data queries. See this article for details.
  21. Added a new "Search bar" to BROWSE. See this article for details.
  22. Added support for the "Custom options menu" button in the ActionBar for Web/Mobile Apps. See this article for details.
  23. WebViewWidget enhancements. Added support for instant search. See this article for details.
  24. Added the ability to theme Web, Tablet and Phone Apps. See this article for details.
  25. Added wss:/ SSL support to the "websocket" class. Added two new methods:

    setLocalCertificate( cCertFile ) e.g. "localhost.crt"
    setPrivateKey( cKeyFile ) e.g. "localhost.key"
  26. The Data Editors in the "Data" workspace now have a "Search" icon in the ActionBar for the grid. Click this to activate the "Custom Query Builder" to filter data being browsed. See this post for details.
  27. Added SET COLLATION ON. After using this you need to REINDEX DATABASE so that the indexes are recreated in collation order for utf8. This fixes an issue with some character sets being sorted in the wrong order.
  28. Improved report printing.
  29. Improved script edit CodeAssist and intellisense for LianjaScript.
  30. Added support for "oledb" with Virtual Tables. You can now use the "vfpoledb" driver to access VFP data concurrently while VFP is. This is windows specific but enables you to run Lianja Apps alongside VFP applications sharing the data. See this post for details.
  31. Added improvements for continous integation of development database and live database as detailed here.
  32. Added a new database trigger "dbc_afteropendata".
  33. Added "Pagination Size" as a grid attribute. This is used to set the initial pagination size in Web grids.
  34. Added new page methods showActionBarButtons() and hideActionBarButtons() as described here. Use these new methods to customize the ActionBar at runtime inside appropriate delegates.
  35. Reports can now be added to projects which causes them to be deployed along with other project assetts.
  36. Added new grid section attribute "Highlight selected rows". This can be unchecked if you want to use grids for display purposes only.
  37. Added the ability to set Tab ordering in desktop Form sections. This is a new attribute for formitems.
  38. Added new (Key Value Store) KVS built in functions. See this article for details.
  39. Added support for custom app parameters on App Tiles (and Lianja.openApp() calls). Specify this in the "Tile URL" to load an app with custom parameters.


    The customer parameters that follow the ? can be:

  40. Various UI tweaks and improvements.
  41. Performance and stability improvements.
  42. Various bug fixes.