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Thread: Lianja html code

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    Lianja html code

    I had already asked this question before, but received no concrete answer, whether it is even possible to execute html code in a section or whether there are other alternatives. So I am going to add my question again: Barry had replied that I should send him the url for the calendar examples of what has happened. I have the following question. I have to execute an HTML5 code with a Javascript command in a section. The reason for this is that I want to test a framework for calendar functions that is based on html5 / javascript. What do I have to consider? Thanks for your help. Greetings Olaf (Please remember that I'm still a beginner!)

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    Hi Olaf,

    A WebView section acts like an embedded browser in a section.

    You dynamically generate HTML and JavaScript in a “Lianja Server Page” which is a file with a .rsp extension. Alternatively you can write a .pysp file (Python) or .jssp file (javascript).


    You write the custom code manually. It’s a ProCode feature of Lianja.

    Details of Lianja Server Pages can be found at:

    Details of Python Server Pages can be found at:

    Details of JavaScript Server Pages can be found at:

    Add a WebView section to a page then click the … dialog button on the “Data Source” attribute. A template rsp file will be created. You then need to write you custom code to embed the third party web component that you want to embed. there are many rsp files in the library workspace that you can edit and study.

    There is no guarantee that third party components can be embedded as they may have been written in a way that rely on running in a web browser connected to a server.

    The best third party components to integrate into a Lianja WebView are jQuery based components. You need to study the documentation of the third party component to better understand how it is used.

    See this doc to understand how to pass parameters to your rsp page.

    The Calendar section (and many other standard sections) is in fact a custom WebViewWidget written as an .rsp file.

    Using WebViewWidgets
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    Thanks Barry for your info. I will deal with it and hope that it can solve my problem. Thanks Olaf



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