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Thread: BROWSE enhancements in Lianja 6.3

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    BROWSE enhancements in Lianja 6.3

    In Lianja 6.3 I've added support for dynamically querying the data being browsed using the QueryBuilder.

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    BROWSE now automatically handles "Instant Search" across all columns in the grid. This provides the ability to drill down when choosing filtered records from the grid.

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    While typing in the instant search box, pressing the Return key or the down arrow key will focus onto the grid. Use the up/down arrow keys to navigate the rows.

    Once you choose a record you can press Return/Enter to select it. The _result variable will contain the record number of the selected record and it will be active in the cursor that you are browsing.

    This low-code functionality can be used effectively for picklists from dialog button delegates or custom query delegates.
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    I can't wait to try it out....
    I think this solves a lot of my problems.

    thanks Barry



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