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Thread: Lianja unnecessarily restricts the development

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    Lianja unnecessarily restricts the development

    What I don't like about Lianja at the moment is that you always have to know which function you can use for web / mobile / desktop. Any restrictions that only apply to either the web or the desk are permanent. This is not so limited in other development environments. We developers therefore have to think carefully about which app we are developing for what. If we want to use the app on the web later, this can only be done with considerable effort. In my opinion this is the biggest problem Lianja has. Otherwise, it really impresses with its ability to design masks quickly and comfortably.

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    that’s a sweeping statement largely due to your lack of knowledge of Lianja as you’ve just started using it.

    Almost everything you write works in the web nowadays if you follow best practices, listen to advise and build your apps the Lianja away.

    Start first by creating an app using the wizards

    Check off desktop, web and mobile.

    Build visually and declaratively set attributes in the app inspector with NoCode using drag’n drop

    Use built-in functionality wherever possible and stop thinking that you need to code everything.

    - section menus and footers
    - instant search
    - instant selections
    - search panels
    - query builder and picker
    - get familiar with UI attributes
    - get familiar with database, table and column business rules
    - get familiar with database, table and column metadata
    - get familiar with user roles and permissions
    - get familiar with the built-in WebViewWidgets
    - get familiar with the Lianja system object
    - get familiar with Lianja.showDialog(), showDialogPanel() and showDialogPage()
    - and much more

    Add custom delegates if needed using LowCode

    if necessary add some custom sections that use the Lianja UI framework classes.

    Use UI personalities to have different sections included or excluded in desktop, web or mobile.

    Get to understand UI breakpoints to automatically hide and show UI elements depending on display resolution e.g as you turn a phone vertical and horizontal.

    Once you understand the Lianja app architecture better then you will be much more productive.
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