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Thread: Tip: Understanding Intellisense operation

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    Tip: Understanding Intellisense operation

    Did you know that if you check "Enable object naming conventions" in the App attributes intellisense for objects is displayed as you type "objectname."

    The following prefixes to your variable names help the editor to display attributes and methods as you type.

    section    section
    column    column
    field    formitem
    page    pagebuilder
    lbl    label
    lab    label
    chk    checkbox
    col    collection
    cbo    combobox
    cmd    commandbutton
    btn    commandbutton
    cmg    commandgroup
    cnt    container
    cont    container
    cb    checkbox
    ctl    control
    cad    cursoradaptor
    ca    cursoradaptor
    dte    dataenvironment
    edt    editbox
    eb    editbox
    frm    form
    frs    formset
    grd    grid
    grc    column
    grh    header
    hpl    hyperlink
    img    image
    lin    line
    lst    listbox
    lb    listbox
    opt    optionbutton
    opg    optiongroup
    pag    page
    pgf    pageframe
    pg    page
    sep    separator
    shp    shape
    spn    spinner
    txt    textbox
    tmp    timer
    ti    timer
    tbr    toolbar
    web    webview
    wv    webview
    tb    textbox
    db    database
    rs    recordset
    mb    menubar
    mnu    menu
    mi    menuitem
    tre    tree
    tri    treeitem
    spl    splitter
    sld    slider
    prb    progressbar
    dtxt    datetextbox
    dttxt    datetimetextbox
    pf    pageframe
    dttb    datetimetextbox
    dtb    datetextbox

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    You can also declare the variable as a known classname to activate intellisense.


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    If you use a variable which is an alias for a cursor intellisense looks it up and displayed the columns.


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    If you declare a variable that is the id of a page intellisense is shown.


    Name:  Screen Shot 2021-09-25 at 10.52.25 AM.jpg
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    Intellisense knows about database tables.


    Name:  Screen Shot 2021-09-25 at 11.30.05 AM.jpg
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    You can press F1 on a command line of function( to display the documentation for that command or function.


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    Hi Barry,

    Very cool!

    VFP used something like that, extensible to custom classes, e,g.:

    local loZip as myzip of myzipclass

    In that instance,


    would display the attributes and methods of the class.

    I would add that this feature came late in the versions, IIRC. One step at a time (and this is a good one). Not that I program classes nearly as much as I used to, but there are all these legacy VFP classes we will shortly be moving over to Lianja.


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    A great thing, if the function would also work in the console, it would be very helpful because you test a lot here. I can also imagine that it would do well in the debugger.
    Greetings Olaf



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