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Thread: Change account login, favorites and others in a different language

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    Change account login, favorites and others in a different language

    In the page left sidebar there is the account login, favorites and others. I would like to translate this text (Account Login ..) into German. I haven't found a way how to do this. The lines in Favorites are also very compressed, how can you change the spacing between the lines?

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    Hi Olaf,

    No currently you cannot alter built-in captions in desktop apps although (as i believe you know) web/mobile apps handle language translation for all static captions.

    Looking at that image the display of text is magnified due to your display settings. Try running the app builder with each of these command line switches and see if it corrects the issue:

    ----dpiawareness 0


    --dpiawareness 1


    --dpiawareness 2

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    Hi Barry, the setting worked, the look is much better. Thanks! Do I have to use this parameter with the App Center as well? You can read which parameters you can specify in the App Builder.
    When it comes to translation, the web option doesn't really help me, as we mainly develop desktop apps. German and French customers find it very difficult if the screen masks are not exactly in their language.
    I assume that the same problem is then also with the Lianja App Center, here too we would have "Citadel App Center Login" instead of Lianja App Center Login. We would also have liked to have changed the logo.
    Greetings Olaf



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