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Thread: Catalogue and Search options

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    Catalogue and Search options

    Hi All

    I can modify the Catalogue options enough to get close to test case requirements as below.
    The big question is if we have a 1,000 record table can we search and position to a tile based on lastname or another additional key to this example?
    Can we interact with filter, using LowCode, and the 2 highligted areas on the image?

    Name:  MyMemberTile.jpg
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    I would be happy if this only works with "pagination off" or if it was on only on the page (if that wa a hinderance).
    Thanks Paul

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    Hi All

    The wonderful Yvonne gave me some options here so I wanted to share one which highlights how these attributes when evaluated kick butt!
    The suggestion was to use "Instant Search" and with 1 or 2 attempts got it working

    Name:  CatalogueSearch.jpg
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    I modified Yvonne's code a little bit and placed it into the main LIB.
    Feel free to use:
    // Event delegate for 'search' event
    proc page1_search(cSearchValue)
    // insert your code here
    Lianja.get("page1.section1").setAttr("catalogViewF ilter","startswith(lastname,'"+cSearchValue+"')")
    //Lianja.get("page1.section1").setAttr("catalogViewF ilter","startswith(lastname,cSearchValue)") - original code
    One solution



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