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Thread: New Animated fullscreen dialog pages

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    New Animated fullscreen dialog pages

    In 6.2.1 I've added the ability to animate dialog pages over the page viewport.

    These can be used to provide custom loading content or other information as required. They are commonly used in mobile Apps.

    "DialogPages" complement Lianja.showDialog() and Lianja.showDialogPanel()

    Lianja.showDialogPage(title as string, contentproducer as string [, zoomout as boolean])


    Lianja.showDialogPage("") // will zoomin the dialog page fullscreen
    Lianja.showDialogPage("", "", false) // will fadein the dialog page fullscreen

    The "content producer" (just as is the case with Lianja.showDialog() and Lianja.showDialogPanel() ) can be:

    a url e.g.
    a .rsp, .pysp, .jssp etc
    a component:/ string
    a "funcname()" string that dynamically creates a container that is added

    Note that the "caption" recognizes special characters

    Lianja.showDialogPage("", "") // no titlebar
    Lianja.showDialogPage("<", "") // < in left of titlebar
    Lianja.showDialogPage("<x", "") // x to close in left
    Lianja.showDialogPage(">x", "") // x to close in right
    Lianja.showDialogPage("< text", "") // left side click to go back
    Lianja.showDialogPage("Your caption", "") // center caption in the titlebar with x to close on the right

    This can be used to display any content that overlays the page until you close it with


    You can try these from the command window or the javascript console in the browser.
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    Happy to come back to this particular feature.

    Thanks for this Barry.




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