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Thread: Data replication between Cloud and Local Host

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    Data replication between Cloud and Local Host

    Hey Barry

    The DEV workspace is doing a full cycle and we are becoming more reliant on the Cloud and having our data resident in the Cloud.
    What is the direction on data replication? I thought there was some talk about replication a while ago but do not see it in the road map.

    Excuse my ignorance if it exists but these links 2012/2013 talk about a manual implementation & mobile:

    To be clear my thought is Internet shuts down, automatic fall over to local DB, Internet restarts fall back to Cloud, data syncs.
    Thanks Paul.

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    Hi Paul,

    Data synchronization is in the roadmap for cloud server 8.0.

    There are challenges when using large amounts of data. For example if you had a huge database it is impractical to have it stored locally on a mobile device. For small databases it is acceptable.
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    Thanks for the update Barry.

    Yea, I have thought over the years how I would build this manually (without mobile), there lots to consider. A full model or pending state, its interesting and agree challenging...

    Cheers Paul



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