Lianja 6.1 will be the next general release.

I have uploaded the Lianja 6.1Beta2 "update" for Windows for those of you who have access to pre-release versions. You can install this on top of Lianja 6.0.

This is pre-release software so it should not be used in production.

Changes since 6.0...

  1. Added a new function str_quoteargs( cExp ). This places quotes around each item in a comma separated list. This is particularly useful to parse paremeters in .rsp pages.
  2. Added a new section type "datalistview". This generates a WebView with an HTML grid with (optionally) grouped rows of data from a table.
  3. Added a new section type "chartview". This generates charts similar to those used in the Report Builder". Click the keyboard icon in the section header to edit the parameters to this section.
  4. Added the ability to build "Web Components" that wrap third party composite components. Doc to follow.
  5. Clicking the keyboard icon in the section header will now pop up a "Web Component Parameter Editor" dialog.
  6. Fixed a reference counting issue when assigning UI objects to array elements then using acopy() to copy the array to another.
  7. Added a new function EXECPYSP().
    See for details.
  9. Added SET DATE TO LOCALE. This selects the appropriate date format in scripting ( e.g. ctod() ) and in the UI. It should be placed in the config.db C:\lianja\conf.
  10. Fixed a RUSHMORE issue with pattern matching "%X" (string ends with a character).
  11. Various UI tweaks and improvements.
  12. Performance and stability improvements.
  13. Various bug fixes.