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    Lianja Cloud App development methodology

    Lianja Cloud App development methodology

    In preparation for the forthcoming availability of Lianja Cloud I have written this article so that you can familiarize yourself with what will be included.

    The Lianja Cloud embraces No-Code App development using components. You first build components using the desktop App Builder in No-Code, Lo-Code or Pro-Code, package up your components and deploy them into your Lianja Cloud tenancy. You then assemble apps in the cloud out of components and connect them together. Lego for developers.

    These components leverage Lianja's built-in data security with business rules, metadata, row level security and component security using roles and permissions and app security with roles and permissions.

    This provides Secure cloud development. It’s our security first approach.

    By default, components are available in the Cloud App Builder for all of the standard WebView Widgets e.g calendar, datalistview, chartview, formview, splitgridview… etc.

    The source code for these built-in components is included in the Lianja App Builder distribution in the library directory so you can study these to see how they work.

    This differentiates Lianja Cloud from other No-Code products in that it's a security first extensible approach using components that encourages team development.

    Note that Lianja apps can be built in Lianja Cloud or on the desktop in the Lianja App Builder. Both types of apps can run on Lianja Cloud.

    Apps built in the Lianja Cloud App Builder are made up of the standard pages and sections using components. Parameters exposed by the components can be directly edited in the Cloud App Builder in the Component Attribute Inspector. Apps built in the Lianja Cloud App Builder can be created, opened and customized by Lianja Cloud No-Code developers who have a “developer” role.

    The Lianja App Builder (LAB) is the place where new components can be built and tested before packaging up and deploying to the Lianja Cloud. Apps built in the LAB can utilize custom code that directly accesses all the capabilities of Lianja. This provides a fully extensible Cloud App building experience with no practical limits to what can be built.

    Encourages Team Development

    In a development team environment, custom components can be built by technically oriented developers in the LAB and then deployed to Lianja Cloud for use by domain or department-level Lianja Cloud developers throughout the organization.

    Security first what does it mean

    Security in Web Apps is of utmost importance. Providing the ability for domain and department level developers the ability to build custom Apps against company data must be in a controlled and secure environment.

    Lianja Apps that are deployed are secured using roles and permissions.

    When users authenticate (login) only apps that they have permission to read are displayed in the Lianja App Center.

    When an App is executed, pages, sections, and formitems are visible based on user roles and permissions.

    When running an App data operations (CRUD) are controlled by the users roles and permissions as well as the business rules contained in the data dictionary for tables and their individual fields.

    When fetching data from the Lianja Cloud Server into an App, Row Level Security (RLS) and Dynamic Data Masks (DDM) controls what records a user can fetch and what data a user can view based on user roles and permissions.

    End users who have “developer” permission can run the Lianja Cloud App Builder by clicking on the “Develop” tile in the Lianja App Center. The components available to the developer are controlled by the permissions specified for the component and the roles assigned to the user. This provides extra security. As they build Apps, no matter what they do they cannot subvert the above mentioned security.

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