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Thread: Python QuickStart with Lianja

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    Python QuickStart with Lianja

    Developing custom sections in Python

    Developing custom gadgets in Python

    Using the Lianja Framework classes in Python

    Developing Python Server Pages

    Working with data in Python

    Calling Python scripts from LianjaScript

    Debugging Python using the troubleshooter

    Calling server-side Python functions from client-side javascript in WebApps
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    For those unfamiliar with the Python world.

    -- Python is among the top 5 programming languages in usage in all the different measurement systems for ranking usage.
    -- Python's tag line is "batteries included", meaning that if you need to do it in code, Python has a feature or library for that.
    -- Python has libraries available for integration with every major product and library and and has a centralized hub for collecting references to those resources:
    -- Example: want to include AI in your app? You're covered:
    -- Lianja's Python's integration is Lianja is first class, including a visual debugger. Using exports.conf any Python call can be made from the JavaScript client, thus making Python libraries fully accessible from Web pages.

    Having Python and all those resources available for use within Lianja future-proofs your apps. You can use already built and tested wheels, rather than having to re-create and test them.




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