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Thread: ISAPI Extension for IIS over https://

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    Quote Originally Posted by pauln View Post
    HI Barry

    As I tell my son, "never give up" - the problem was if you do have a site under "Default Web Site" (as I did wconnect) then when you add the script map it adds it to sites below
    I just removed the "inherited" script map from that wconnect site and all 4 tests are working for both http:// and https://

    I will now remove the Lianja site as that just me beating down every door to to find a solution.
    Good to know. So the Lianja ISAPI extension is proxying as expected?
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    Hi Barry - Yes proxying as expected, both sites running happily under 1 browser (4 TABS), beautifully
    (Removed Lianja site as you said not required and tested ok.)

    Also site builders using AWS should remember to turn on https:// with the instance tool, it caught me again for a bit...
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