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Thread: Lianja 6 supports fully automated CI/CD

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    Lianja 6 supports fully automated CI/CD

    Lianja 6 supports fully automated CI/CD (Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery) of Web/Mobile Apps.

    You can use the lianja-lpk command line tool to build and deploy packages to a Lianja cloud server.

    lianja-lpk build myapps.lpk app:/example_webapp1+app:/example_webapp2+lib:/mylib.prg+lib:/thirdpartylibs/yourlib
    lianja-lpk deploy myapps.lpk[:8001],yourapikey[,uid,pwd]
    This can now be run as a background task even while the Lianja App Builder is open.

    It works with IIS on windows and/or Apache on linux and/or LCS running on[:8001]. 8001 is optional as uploads can be done through IIS and apache optionally using https.

    If the uid is not specified the environment variable LIANJA_LPKUID can contain the uid to use for deployment. If missing admin is used.

    If the pwd is not specified the environment variable LIANJA_LPKPWD can contain the pwd to use for deployment. If missing admin is used.

    For automatic installation of your package on windows check "Enable package auto update" in the Lianja Server manager "Security" tab.

    On linux set the environment variable DB_WWWAUTOUPDATE=ON

    These package updates can occur while your server is live without any down time.

    Blue-green deployment is recommended.

    Blue-green deployment is a technique that reduces downtime and risk by running two identical production environments called Blue and Green.

    At any time, only one of the environments is live, with the live environment serving all production traffic.

    As you prepare a new version of your software, deployment and the final stage of testing takes place in the environment that is not live.

    Once you have deployed and fully tested the software in Green, you switch the router so all incoming requests now go to Green instead of Blue. Green is now live, and Blue is idle.

    This technique can eliminate downtime due to app deployment. In addition, blue-green deployment reduces risk: if something unexpected happens with your new version on Green, you can immediately roll back to the last version by switching back to Blue.

    Lianja Cloud expands on this concept and will provide Red-Amber-Green deployment targets so that you can test changes and the latest builds without affecting the live system.

    Red is the development branch staging area
    Amber is the QA/testing branch staging area
    Green is the live system

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