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Thread: manage binary data

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    In Lianja 6 I have added two new VT properties 'include memos' and 'includeblobs'.

    These enable VARCHAR and VARBINARY fields with SQL INSERT and SQL UPDATE in VTs.
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    grateful thanks to jefferson and Barry!
    objectread() seems to be the good solution, although now SQL update does not work yet. As Barry writes, it will work in 6.0 - I hope. (and if I understand correctly, I don't even have to send a ticket because of that ... but I'm really looking forward to 6.0)
    Now these are mainly desktop applications that I use to migrate a FoxPro system to Lianja. Unfortunately, the SQL database is the only way for the old (VFP) and new (Lianja) systems to work together, which is absolutely necessary during the migration.



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