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Thread: Lianja 6 improved editing experience

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    Lianja 6 improved editing experience

    For code warriors I have improved the editing experience in Lianja 6.

    For app supported scripting languages you now have spit screen editing capability with editing in one panel while doc is displayed to the right. You can adjust the size of the editing panel by dragging the splitter bar.

    Click on any command or function name and press F1 the doc is retrieved and displayed alongside.

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    The "Classes" tab now links directly to the doc.

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    You can cut and paste code from the doc into the editor.

    While typing a command or function press F1 and the doc will be displayed.

    This works for LianjaScript, Python and JavaScript. (TypeScript and PHP to be added before release).

    You can of course detach the "App Inspector" if you require more space.

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