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Thread: operation changed after inserting tabview

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    operation changed after inserting tabview

    after putting the first section in a tabview, it changed the behavior of the page. The second section has become the "main" section, and the content of a memo field appears as "recently viewed" on the navigation panel. (nothing else has changed)

    how can I restore the original operation?

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    In demo example_webapp1 I can rearange (reorder) tabs Categories and Shippers (which will be the firstly shown).
    Can you do this?

    Maybe to show us the screenshot to better understand your problem.

    Also, if you click on tab's red "x", this tab is back again as an individual section.
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    hi Josip, thank you for your help!
    yes, I can disassemble and reassemble the tabview sections and rearrange the sections as well. But the operation of the page will change (it will be bad).
    First I show the page with separate sections, it works well ...
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    after assembling the first section into tabview everything changes:
    navigation bar, searching, recently viewed are broken
    (the search field marker remained as you see it)
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    The reason is.

    If there is no search field specified on the page the first form or canvas section will be the target of the navigation bar.

    In your case you have no search field and the first section is a TabView so the section underneath that is chosen.

    In Lianja 6 navigation will also look down through TabViews for the search field.
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